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Edison Teacher McFarlin, Crowell, Benson Updates

Created on: 11/30/15 03:36 PM Views: 1398 Replies: 1
Edison Teacher McFarlin, Crowell, Benson Updates
Posted Monday, November 30, 2015 03:36 PM

For those of you who had or know Edison English teacher Mary Faye McFarlin?  She is living at Sherwood Manor Nursing home. 2415 W Skelly Drive, room 4, and I'm sure she would appreciate Edison student visitors!   Her vision is very poor so you'll need to tell her who you are.  But she still retains a great sense of humor! 

Through Mary Faye, I also got in touch with and had a pleasant phone conversation with David Crowell who did instructional media duties and also taught Filmmaking 1 & 2 - probably one of my top 5 fav classes at Edison. He's had some pretty serious health issues in the past but has eclipsed those and is now doing quite well apparently.

Mary Faye also told me that English teacher Sandra Benson I'm sad to report has passed away.  (Mary Faye's memory is touch and go so I don't have any more information about when Mrs. Benson passed.)  I remember Mrs. Benson telling us at one point, "If you are going to cheat in my class?   Do it with finesse'!"  (I.E. No writing the answers on your hand, desk seat, etc.)  Then proceeded to describe how a student "hid" the answers in his twist-pen.  Twist and the answers would roll out of the pen on a tiny piece of paper.  Twist again and they'd roll back in!  Mrs. Benson said, "He got an "F" anyway but THAT'S cheating with finesse!"   LOL.


RE: Edison Teacher McFarlin, Crowell, Benson Updates
Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2016 03:31 PM

I'm sorry to hear about Ms. Benson, she was one of mine also, and for English, she even made me somewhat enjoy it.  I 'd like to get with you, please, about Mr. Crowell's contact information, because he was definitely one of my favorites.