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Back at Edison!

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Back at Edison!
Posted Friday, May 1, 2015 03:52 PM


After 30+ years after graduation?   I'm back at Edison!  (I'm their campus Technology Director.)  

I gotta tell's surreal to walk these halls and be in classrooms where I have so many memories - such as Brian Whitson scaring the bajeezus out of...? was it Chrissy Brightmire? (sorry if spelling is incorrect)  in Mrs. Williams chemistry class by sticking the preserved frog in her purse - then asking for a stick of gum.  Brilliant Brian!  Mrs. Williams was SOOOO angry with him - but she lost it - and so did the class when she was lecturing him while unconsciously shaking the frog by the leg in Bryan's direction!    Yep...there's the lab storage area between Biology and Chemistry where Brian stole the frog.  (I watched the door...Mrs. Williams had stepped out for something.)  

It gets better.   Mr. Drover, Mr Charlot, and Mrs. Lemley are STILL here!   Mr. Charlot looks EXACTLY the same!  (Except a WHOLE lot less hair!)   Talk about dedication to the profession!   Sadly Mr. Snow one of my favorite teachers at Edison (anybody remember when we talked himi into hypnotizing the two students in class?!) has passed away. 

There's been some additions to the building of course, another in progress (a spectacular college and career center) and future additions to the middle school side. 

I'm happy to report that Edison seems to have carried on the tradition of excellence that we experienced while we were here!

John Oathout



RE: Back at Edison!
Posted Tuesday, June 16, 2015 07:18 AM

Ahhh, the circle of life John, welcome back and congratulations!!!!  I learned not long ago that Mrs. Lemley is there, but I had know idea Coach Drover is there also!!  In what capacity??  I recall making him something with a TU theme in shop class that he put in his classroom bookcase, but I'm sure he trashed it not long after.  The only gripe I have about Edison now is that building smack dab in the front of the main building.  What is that, the library?  I can't take seeing that, it just ruined the entire facade of the original school, which is quite impressive IMHO.

RE: New Collegiate Center
Posted Monday, November 30, 2015 03:21 PM

Hi David:

Mr. Drover retired at the end of school last year. 

If you are talking about the old-new addition?   Yes, that's the new library.   If you are talking about the latest construction?   That's the $6 million+ college and career center that was part of one of the TPS bond issues that passed. I agree it takes away from the old facade of the building, but I got to tell you the new facade with the CCC is going to be quite spectacular with its mostly glass motif.  The architectural drawings of the inside look fantastic as well.  It's my understanding this is an upscale architectural firm TPS has not used before and Edison was very fortunate to get.  Assuming no delays it should open sometime in March. 



RE: Back at Edison!
Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2016 03:38 PM

Thanks John.  Yes, I'm referring to the library.  Regardless of what the architecture firm does with the building, as long as that library is placed in the current location, it screws up the look of anything you do to the original building.  Except for an evening basketball game about 10 years ago, I haven't been inside that school since the last day of classes in '81.  Perhaps you can arrange a re-tour??